Support SPEAQ

SPEAQ holds a unique place in domestic violence prevention work in Qld

SPEAQ exists to support the highest level of effectiveness and safety in interventions with men who perpetrate domestic and family violence, and to educate, inform and advocate across the service sector and the broader community. It is unique among networks within the Domestic Violence Prevention sector in Queensland, as a group of men and women working together to stop domestic and family violence at its source – with those who perpetrate the violence.

We run on generosity and goodwill

SPEAQ is not a funding-driven organisation. It is a network powered by goodwill, dialogue, collaboration, respect, passion and commitment. The network is however undoubtedly constrained by limited resources. As we receive no recurrent funding from government, funding for the secretariat is based on membership subscriptions, supported by a good dose of voluntary unpaid labour. Specialist professional development activities including the annual SPEAQ Forum and training events provide some additional revenue, along with donations.

Your support and donations are welcome

We welcome your support through donations, or in-kind support. Donations to SPEAQ may be made through NQDVRS, the organisation under whose auspices we operate.

For information on how to donate, or to support SPEAQ in any other way, please contact the SPEAQ Secretary so we can provide further details.

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