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SPEAQ members are all over Queensland. Check out the list below to find details for the service closest to you.

If you’ve been ordered to attend a program by a Magistrates Court, you’ll need to find an Approved Intervention Program, provided by an Approved Provider. Usually, your Intervention Order or DV Protection Order will specify which program you need to attend.

  • If you are moving to another location, contact the Approved Provider in your new location first, before applying to the court to make a variation to your order.
  • If you are not ordered to do a program, but want to participate voluntarily, choosing an Approved Intervention Program provides some assurance that you’re doing something that is specially targeted to address domestic and family violence effectively.

The list below links to further details about programs offered in each location.

Domestic and Family Violence Behaviour Change Services

Yes indicates that at this location, the organisation is an Approved Provider under the Qld Domestic and Family Violence Act 2012.

Note: Organisations in this list may provide several kinds of services or programs – follow any of the links above to find out more.

The Qld Government’s full list of Approved Providers can be downloaded here.

Other Services for people using Domestic and Family Violence



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