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Aboriginal men’s programs tackling family violence: A scoping review.

Gallant, D., Andrews, S., Humphreys, C., Diemer, K., Ellis, D., Burton, J., Harrison, W., Briggs, R., Black, C., Bamblett, A., Torres-Carne, S., & McIvor, R. (2017) Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues, 20 (2), 48-68.

Deconstructing male violence against women: The Men Stopping Violence Community-Accountability Model

Douglas, U., Bathrick, D., & Perry, P. (2008) Violence Against Women, 14(2), 247-261.

A feminist critique of men’s violence against women efforts

Castelino, T. (2014) Ending Men’s Violence Against Women and Children: The No To Violence Journal, Autumn 2014, 7-36.

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