Membership Principles

Values and principles are important in Domestic and Family Violence prevention and intervention work – it’s not value-neutral.  Becoming a SPEAQ member means agreeing to a set of principles that guide our work with clients and our relationships with colleagues. If you’re thinking about membership, can you agree to the following?

  • Uphold the Vision, Mission and Values of SPEAQ
  • The safety of those who have experienced violence, primarily women and children, is paramount
  • Commitment to democratic decision making based on a consensus process
  • Recognition and respect for a diversity of perspectives on the work and valuing genuine dialogue in the interests of greater understanding and effectiveness in the work
  • Conducting ourselves in a way that demonstrates and upholds SPEAQ’s values and principles and holding ourselves accountable to other members
  • Agreement with key principles for the work of violence prevention and elimination, including:
    • The safety of those who have experienced violence is paramount
    • recognition that the greatest numbers of those experiencing domestic and family violence are women and children as victims of men’s violence, while acknowledging that some men experience violence within their relationships
    • recognition that the great majority of domestic and family violence is perpetrated by men against women and children
    • working with men to assist them to end their violence and abuse, primarily towards women and children, is a crucial part of ending domestic and family violence
    • providing supported opportunities for change for men who perpetrate domestic and family violence, through processes which prioritise accountability and personal responsibility
    • modelling equal relationships between genders
    • valuing and putting into practice dignity and respect for all those we work with
    • recognition of the unique individual circumstances of each man and each family and the need to respond to these


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